Beta Finance was founded with the goal of establishing a world class consulting firm in Israel, with a focus on providing financial consulting services to companies across the globe in all sectors. Beta Finance is built upon on a team of Israel’s leading financial consultants in the fields of finance, economics, regulation, and management consulting. Our experience in both local and global markets is a key factor in our client’s success. Beta Finance is characterized by business and financial creativity, which in conjunction with our unique client focus, brings the partners at Beta Finance to become an indispensable part of our client’s decision making process and success.
The partners at Beta Finance have a rich background of experience in providing professional business and economic services to a variety of sectors, both locally and globally. The Beta Finance team has extensive experience in the areas of Infrastructure, Finance, Real Estate, Hi-Tech, Retail, Logistics, and Industry.
Over the years the Beta Finance team has consulted for a wide variety of public and private companies, financial institutions, funds, and government ministries and institutions.
Beta Finance’s unique organizational structure leverages a boutique sized firm with a young atmosphere balanced by highly experienced partners. This unique structure allows clients to enjoy an exclusive blend of experienced staff with a high level of service and availability which can rarely be found elsewhere.
We at Beta Finance believe consulting is a profession and have invested for years our time into the profession. In addition, we believe our integrity, innovation and professional standards will continue to lead our clients to new achievements.
הבורסה מחלקת את תחום הנדל"ן בין פילים ואריות

הבורסה מחלקת את תחום הנדל"ן בין פילים ואריות

שנים רבות ליווה את המשקיעים בתל אביב מדד נדל"ן רחב היקף, שאותו הרכיבו מניות מענף בשם "נדל"ן ובינוי". הבורסה היתה זו שהרכיבה את המדד והוא כלל הכלאה לא...

הירידות החדות במחירי האג"ח בשבועיים האחרונים של 2018 פגעו קשות בתיקי ההשקעות של חברות הביטוח. הקריסה הובילה לעלייה בעקומי התשואה שעל פיהם מחשבים את החוב...

Financial consulting to the underwriters consortium throughout the IPO process of Fattal Holdings

Beta Finance provided financial consulting to Leader Capital Markets and the underwriters consortium throughout the IPO process of Fattal Holdings on the Tel Aviv Stock exchange.
As part of this consulting Beta Finance provided:

  • In depth analysis of the company, including an analysis of the different activities, geographic markets and more;
  • Valuation of the company using several methodologies for the underwriters consortium;
  • Development of a financial model of the company and presentations to institutional investors.

Financial Consulting for the Authority of Government Companies

Beta Finance consults, on an ongoing basis, for the Authority of Government Companies after winning in an open bidding process

Beta’s activities with the Authority of Government Companies includes:

  • Budget analysis of government owned companies
  • Economic research on a variety of topics including, optimal capital structures, profitability, etc.
  • Consulting on complex business cases

Beta Finance


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